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Composer, Orthodox Christian, gnc, ace/bi-soft-ual mage, hsp, rat king and booty priest, 22, he/him

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Conservative Christians: You're bi??? As in you like the opposite gender??? :D! Time to WIFE YOU UP

Me, a mostly gay bi boy:

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oh sweet rain revive me

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one of the kids i work w has a fascination w lipstick n he gets real excited when i or anyone else around the office wears some n today he came in w the biggest grin n proudly shows off 2 me his lipstick painted smile - it’s on his teeth and smudged a little (he’s five years old so what do you expect) but it made my day 2 see him so happy 2 be allowed 2 wear what he wanted

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Littil frend

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Yeah you

You're worthy of love and acceptance. 

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removing tags from clothes is just fabric circumcision

So many gnc clothiers are dedicated to giving people with female bodies a more androgynous/masc look and that's awesome but the dudes wanna look pretty.

teldryn @ wf / mister-mundee @ tumblr / mundy @ toyhouse

and here's a sigma from ( as of yet unfinished ) the second part of my fanfic

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bitches b like “i am worthy of love” n they’re right. 

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i just looked @ how many posts i’ve made n bro,,,,, someone tell me 2 shut the fuck up

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ATTENTION ALL YE MLM: Benedict Cumberbatch :3

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what to heck

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10 of Cups & XIV – Temperance | The Tarot of Pagan Cats | 🖼: Lola Airaghi & Magdelina Messina

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more des doodles !! everything except the top center was just freehand w/o a sketch…… its been a while since i just DREW so this was nice @ u @ 

Random World Building Asks!

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🧜‍♀️How many sentient/sapient species are there?

⚔️What was the worst war in your world’s history?

🗺Which country(/continent/culture/faction) was your favourite to create?

⭐️What do people think the stars are made of?

🐉Explain a myth or legend that you’re proud of!

🐈Most common pet(s) of the world?

👑What sort of leadership is there? Are there kingdoms, empires, guilds, etc?

📚How does the education system work? (If there is one!)

🕷Are there any common phobias among the people that vary from our own?

🍽What might the average person’s diet look like?

🍼How are children treated?

🏏Name a common game or sport

🎭What do they do for entertainment, usually?

🎼What sort of music is there?

🚗What transport is available?

🌋Have there been any notable natural disasters in the history of your world?

🏩What is their healthcare/hospital system like?

⛪️How many religions are there?

💵Name a currency in your world

🚰Do they have indoor plumbing?

💎Are gemstones valuable?

🔪What sorts of weapons are there?

✉️Do they have a working postal system? How is it run?

🗞How do people learn about current events?

🔌Most common power source? (Electricity/coal/wind/magic/etc)

👓What kind of disability aids are commonly available?

💡Is there lighting in the streets, and what kind is it and how is it powered/maintained?

🎈Do they have balloons? (Or similar?)

👔Describe a common clothing style/fashion

🐓Is livestock common? Is it mostly on farms, or kept by regular households?

🍀What’s considered good luck?

🦠Describe a common illness found in your world

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After much searching, I have located my chin.

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In other news, I forgot how much of a baby face I have.

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"dont stare at the ground while youre walking"

me: ok *trips* *trips* *trips* *tr

After much searching, I have located my chin.