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Composer, Orthodox Christian, gnc, ace/bi-soft-ual, hsp, rat king, booty priest, flower prince, and masculine Strawberry Shortcake, 22, he/him

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Basically some people have really specific dni/byf standards and I don’t want to miss it somehow as I’m bad with implications x3

Ah, no. you gucci fren

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ME HOY MINOY like and subscribe if you agree

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The fact that there's not a term for nerdy twink makes me upset almost daily. That is all.

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Do you have a byf/dni?

I do not. Why do you ask, faceless being?

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wyrm on a string 

The fact that there's not a term for nerdy twink makes me upset almost daily. That is all.

Boys are really pretty and I have entirely too much love for them.

I am 22, I have never kissed anyone, I have never been on an actual date, and I REALLY wanna hold hands with a boy ._.

Yesterday, my organ professor told me about something his wife said that was a really good reminder. When you have a negative thought, don't sit down and have tea with it. Watch it go by like it's passing you on a boat.

secret agent........

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according to spotify wrapped i listen to a genre called "rebel blues"

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I listen to "adult classics" whatever the hecc that means

If you were into terrariums as a kid, you're gay now. That is all. The tea has been spilt.

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he posed himself n i just went with it, really

To people who are desperately asking for fundz/donations on wf/tumblr...

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use these reddit subs instead!!

Hate Reddit if you want, but using these subs are your best chance. People gather in these subs because they have charity to spare:



I never see anyone actually getting any significant donations on tumblr/wf and to be honest, tumblr/wf is the worst place to ask for assistance. people beg for help, reblog the same post over and over, the same types of posts over and over, to no avail, when people are waiting to help you on a different part of the web.

go to where the help is

Boys who wear traditionally feminine clothing and have long hair have my heart. Always. Forever.

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Can you imagine??? Kissing a boy??? And your noses touch???

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I am ace 🖤💟💜

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☕️ sporks

Neutral thoughts.

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☕️ thoughts on the color yellow c:

Yellow is a good heccin color and I need more of it in my life.

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Como Park Zoo & Conservatory

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