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Composer, Orthodox Christian, gnc, ace/bi-soft-ual mage, hsp, rat king, booty priest, flower prince, and masculine Strawberry Shortcake, 22, he/him

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this is what i spend my time on

to be transparent this is majorly traced and edited over from a mickey mouse club house picture or something though it is a piece directly owned by disney

i did this to migrate the idea to waterfall, with blizard getting shit for being anti hong kong and basically sucking chinas toes rn someone thought it would be a great idea to do this

using mickey mouse in pro hong kong material will be harmless unless it gets too big and disney gets banned entirely in china where a lot of their revenue is located which WoUlD bE tErRiBlE

mickey mouse says liberate hong kong and pro democracy

When your dungeon master takes pics of you from another state

If you don't have a friend that will boost your self-esteem when you're not really feeling confident in yourself, I am that friend now. WereW having soft tacos later.

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I know how to

1. Go apeshit over music


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On this National Coming Out Day, let me send some love to all those who chose to come out today, all those who chose not to, and all of us who have to make these choices over and over again. Know that whatever choice you make is good because it’s yours. 

When the quesadillas are still too warm to eat :/

I would like a boy with whom to cuddle and make quesadillas. Is that really too much to ask for????

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If you like this post you're gay

from the MSF Horticulture building

naughty baby gets fur in my computer

by Darleena Canania

Otter Quick Study

An Anonymous user asked:

im sorry walking home half drunk at 6:15 AM is such a wisconsin mood

Having visited the state this summer, I can see that being the case lmao

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One of my closer friends is trying to set me up with a male friend of hers from Wisconsin. Will I actually text him? We'll see.

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Update: They're actually non-binary and we talked some yesterday. They seem chill. So, we'll see where this goes. Worse comes to worse, I'll have a good friend out of this.

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Update: We're still talking and we have a lot of similar interests and similar aesthetics. They're really cool and also love cats. That is all.

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Update: They texted me at like 6:15 this morning to inform me that they had finally made it home. This much confused me but whatevs. Turns out they had stayed at their friend's house, woke up and walked home still half drunk. Is that weird? Probably. Did I think it was oddly endearing? Hell yes. Why? I'm a gay mess.

me listening to 1700 sea shanties

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I need more lgbtq books in my life and I cannot find one or more 😩


if anyone has any to recommend, please share if you want too!

Hello?? I love him so much more now??

I don't feel like I even changed his design much but like he was so much more fun to draw!! For comparison, this is some older art of him:

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@bystander wingz 2..?

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mob im going to scream!!! thank u!!

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Reminder that it's never too late to pursue a hobby. You can pick up something new or find your way back to something you used to love, and it can be anything from woodworking, video games, crocheting, nature matter what, it will always be worthwhile to set aside time for engagement, happiness, and creation.

This morning I am reminded that I live with four straight men. Please send help.

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hi if you're seeing this and you're relatively active can you please smash that like button because i want to follow you

friendship friday nice thread (◕‿◕✿)

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you are all excellent and talented

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if you're reading this, you are deserving of love! if you're not reading this, the same applies♥